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In 2015-2016 Moira Finucane was Creative Fellow of the NGV, the very first ever appointed, immersing herself in the permanent collection at NGV. It's been incredibly inspiring, and has extended to residencies and immersions in Norway, Paris & Brazil. The new work this inundation has inspired will infect and affect Finucane for many years to come. Her first response was THE INTIMATE 8 In an intimate in-house response to her immersion in the NGV as its first-ever appointed Creative Fellow, internationally acclaimed performance artist and “national treasure” (The Age) Moira Finucane collaborates with renowned composer Darrin Verhagen & Ben Keene to create a bijoux, direct-to-ear disclosure of unfolding universes in 58 iconic works drawn from the NGV International's vast permanent collection across time and genre. Part guided tour, part whispered salon performance, part experiential immersion, part revelation. Intimate 8 was generously supported by City of Melbourne Arts Grants Program.



“The Intimate 8 is an exhilarating bespoke tour of the NGV collection. Hilarious but also intensely moving." Alison Croggon 


“Moira Finucane ... conducts us – no, dances us – around the National Gallery of Victoria. ... We are enchanted—no question.  But we also come to realise that so-called art criticism is a state of mind. We can stay on the outside of a work—intellectually —or we can let the living lenses of our minds playfully, but seriously, but playfully, engage the work, and truthfully respond with our whole hearts and souls.” Arena Magazine


“An absolute joy, a whirlwind tour where thousands of years of art saturated our souls” Aus Theatre


“The tour requires we all wear headphones so that when we hear Finucane speak, it feels like she is a thought in your mind, as if your subconscious has suddenly come to life to enlighten you. Her constant elaborate movements, physical contact with the audience and steady, impassioned eye contact as she relays the history of the various paintings, sculptures and other works vividly bring these items to life as humanly possible. ” My About Town


“Enthralling; a synaesthetic artwork that immerses one in the oral, aural, visual and visceral to awaken the power of art art across milennia and unleash the imagination” Dr Ted Gott, Senior International Curator NGV

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