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THE SELL SAMPLES | past marketing samples (pdf) and moving images (3 short clips)

Ray Dimkarri Dixon Standing Strong CD 

Listen to Ray Dimakarri Dixon Standing Strong on Spotify 

To order the collectors CD, book a concert, or find out more email:

Moira Finucane in China | Introduction 2pp

Finucane & Smith's Dance Hall | Regional Marketing Info 4pp

The Rapture Art vs Extinction | International Intro 4pp

Moira Finucane's Intimate 8 Gallery Immersion | International Intro Chinese & English

The Exotic Lives of Lola Montez | Regional Marketing 4pp

Moving Images  I   3 clips

Finucane & Smith's Dance Hall Everybody Encore

Glory Box to Cuba (3mins)

The Rapture Art vs Extinction (2mins)

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