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I Miss You Antarctica \ Images & Influences 

1. images

2. score sketches

3. text & process 

1. Images. Moira Finucane in Neko Harbour by Scott Portelli. Antarctica by Moira Finucane 

Score sketches

'Oh The Whales'. created & recorded live Whaler's Bay Antarctica inside these whale oil drums 

written & performed by Finucane. score Ben Keene

Oh The Wales By Moira Finucane & Ben KeeRachel Lewindon
00:00 / 06:23
I miss you AntarcticaNeko Harbour - Lewindon & Finucane
00:00 / 06:38

'Don't Wake The Ice' field recordings various. score by Adam Hunt 

'Don't Wake The Ice' field recordings variousscore by Adam Hunt
00:00 / 06:49

3. some text and artistic process 

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