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Born out of Finucane & Smith’s love affair with regional and remote Australia, Dance Hall  Hall allows local community stars, from dance enthusiasts to singers & musicians to unicylists, to become part of Finucane & Smith’s highly structured and internationally acclaimed variety world in the shindig of the year! Like barn dances & bush dances of old, and salons from French cabarets to Irish pub concerts, Dance Hall has a simple structure combining ‘exhibition’ or ‘showcase’ dancing, storytelling and singing with whole of community performance, with F&S artists becoming callers, choir leaders and on the floor enthusiasts. Dance Hall sees us roll into town the night before the performance to work with community members young and old we have been in touch with with presenters’ assistance.  Lifting up each one – infusing them with confidence – finding connections with each other and our artists wherever possible – we alchemise the performance ready for the following night.

Dance Hall can be presented as either a family-friendly or grown-up show, depending on programming needs and who the desired community participants are.

Show-only version possible on request.

Dance Hall premiered in February 2018 and toured Victorian small halls and the Red Centre over the second half of 2018 to rave reception.


“I cannot express how exhilarating and uplifting this show is. Don't miss your opportunity to experience Dance Hall … Do you remember the Tivoli? Welcome back!”

‘This opportunity was unlike any other that was provided to us. We simply loved being a part of the wonderful show and felt very accepted and appreciated. The show itself was magnificent to watch and we were thrilled to be attending as both audience and participants.’ 
Neha Singh & The Geelong, Bollywood Dance Group

‘One of the most beautiful projects we have staged here. The joy of the local performers was phenomenal, they were all so grateful to be included and it showed in the brilliant performances they gave, and to work alongside and with such talented and energetic professionals. The fact that we had 6yr olds up to 82yr olds dancing  in and after the show was incredible’ 
Rob Macleod, Venue Manager, Potato Shed, Drysdale

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