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Ray Dimakkari Dixon

From the powerful and beautiful heart of the Northern Territory, Ray Dimakkari Dixon has created songs and music that rise from his country, through his blood & family and into the world. Ray grew up singing in one of the world’s oldest languages, Mudburra. Now only spoken by 50 people, Standing Strong is a cry for the celebration of the poetry of this land’s ancient languages, a cry for the protection of water, of songlines, and of country and culture. Standing Strong is the stunning first solo album from an artist who has been a proud leader in Australia’s Indigenous music scene for many years. 

An experienced songwriter and veteran of the Australian music scene Ray learned his craft around campfires and family before taking his songs, style and message across Australia. Originally a member of 80’s legends Kulimindini Band, Ray returned to music in 2012 finding success as a founding member of Rayella - a family music group formed with his daughter Eleanor Dixon. Rayella's achievements include performances at Music NT’s Bush Bands Bash in Alice Springs, Desert Harmony Festival, Nannup Festival and The National Folk Festival. They also toured through remote Western Australia with Sand Tracks Tour in 2015. In 2016 Rayella supported American music legends The Violent Femmes on their Australian tour as well as collaborating with Opera Australia Chamber Orchestra, Darwin Symphony Orchestra and Indigenous music legend Kutcha Edwards. Since 2015, Ray has been a core collaborator with internationally renowned theatre makers Finucane & Smith, and his music has travelled the world.


Ray returns to the limelight in 2019, faced with a desperate fight to protect his people's land from toxic fracking that is taking place on his country. In these haunting moments Ray has written some of his most powerful music yet. Songs of country, songs of warning. The single ‘Yulu Wumara’ or ‘Earth Money’ sung in Mudburra is a powerful plea to his fellow countrymen not to give in, to fight to protect the future of the land and future of their children. It is a heartfelt and passionate fight, a true David vs Goliath story as the Mudburra people rally to save what is most sacred to them from being destroyed by the ruthless juggernaut of the mining industry. In collaboration with over 20 artists from international theatre legends Finucane & Smith, Standing Strong is a powerful cry to all Australians not to give in, to fight to protect the future of the land and future of our children. 


“ It is a love song, a dirge, a call to arms. Most of all it is a collection of sublime beauty... Dixon’s deep and sonorous voice, accompanied by an acoustic guitar are enough to cause your heart to resonate with the rhythms of Australia. When you add in the incredible talents of the 20 amazing artists who have collaborated to create this album, the music ascends to the sound of a people and planet crying out to be heard.”

Ray Dimakarri Dixon, a Mudburra artist from Marlinja, NT, sings plaintiff and enchanting songs in his aboriginal language that is spoken by only 50 people, and his presence is the pure, still point in this show. He is truly ‘a keeper and protector of the land’.


by Kate Herbert Herald Sun

Mudburra artist Ray Dimarrkari Dixon performs several songs in his native language, one that only 50 people currently speak, a stark reminder of how much loss is currently being experienced in the world.


Myron My


With special guest, singer and songwriter Ray Dimakarri Dixon, they explained the immediate importance of “protecting country’ today, and the fact that there are 85% fracking licenses and pending applications that cover the Northern Territory for underground gas mining. The fracking will destroy the habitat of treasured Australian species, particularly the koala.

Together Ray Dimakarri Dixon, Moira Finucane, and the choir encouraged the audience to join in song in the language of “country” to heal the open wound and the protection of country for Australia’s children.

By Theatre People The Rapture Chapter II: Art vs. Extinction by Lyn Zelen


One of the people who shared stories with her is guest Ray Dimakarri Dixon. He sings his own songs. The Mudburra language sounds familiar but is only spoken by 50 people. Extinction versus art: art has to win.


Time Out BY: Anne-Marie Peard

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