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The Rapture Art vs Extinction | The Bathtub Edition 

Excerpts from Digital Hybrid Visceral Performance 

The Rapture Bathtub Edition Trailer 

Rapture Truth Epilogue (feat. Shirley Cattunar 86yrs) (1 min)

The Overture | played as audiences enter the theatre or online waiting room

The Penguin Parade | some of the penguins made by audiences around the world

The Penguin Parade 2

The Cards of Hope | handstamped and gifted to in-theatre audiences 

Neko Harbour | composed by Rachel Lewindon - played live for Rapture Bathtub

Oh The Whales | sonic addition available 

Oh The Wales By Moira Finucane & Ben KeeRachel Lewindon
00:00 / 06:23
I miss you AntarcticaNeko Harbour - Lewindon & Finucane
00:00 / 06:38

Biography Moira Finucane

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