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I Miss You Antarctica \ Images & Influences 

1. images

2. text & process 

3. score sketches

4. letters of support 

1. Images. Moira Finucane in Neko Harbour by Scott Portelli. Antarctica by Moira Finucane 

Score sketches

3. some text and artistic process 

The Climate Crucible \\ I Miss You Antarctica 

The Haptic Mass Mortality Exhibit

'Oh The Whales'. created & recorded live Whaler's Bay Antarctica inside these whale oil drums 

written & performed by Finucane. score Ben Keene

Oh The Wales By Moira Finucane & Ben KeeRachel Lewindon
00:00 / 06:23
I miss you AntarcticaNeko Harbour - Lewindon & Finucane
00:00 / 06:38

'Don't Wake The Ice' field recordings various. score by Adam Hunt 

'Don't Wake The Ice' field recordings variousscore by Adam Hunt
00:00 / 06:49
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