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Moving Images | Finucane & Smith Past Works 

shows artforms we are using & breadth & quality across forms | variety. cabaret. immersive. drama. 

1.World Famous Variety | multi-awarded work that pivots to become Act Local, and our digital variety

2. Dramas | diverse works ensure success in The Destroyer

3. Rapture Art vs Extinction | evolves. next iterations I Miss You Antarctica & Shop of Hope

1. World Famous Variety  

the world's most awarded variety pivots to become Act Local, Yarra venue takeovers, and digital delight! 


Glory Box/ Burlesque Hour | shows multi-awarded short form works with high impact. our speciality 

Dance Hall Development| shows our rich community engagement. our calling card 

Immersive Takeovers | pivots to Act Local. we KNOW how to food/art/whole-of-venue takeover

Carnival of Mysteries

Hotel Exquisite 

2. Dramas | The Flood, The Star, Digital

shows capacity to create atmospheric, site responsive drama

The Flood | Australian Gothic featuring Maude Davey (star of Destroyer) (1999-)

The Flood Chinese Production | shows longevity and diverse collaborations 

Our First Digital Works | I Miss You Antarctica \  Drowned Cabaret 

3. Rapture Art vs Extinction 

Internationally acclaimed works, presented in 6 countries pivots to I Miss You Antarctica Immersive/digital/interactive/participatory

Rapture Art vs Extinction Chapters II & III (Prague, Berlin, Wuzhen, Melbourne)

I Miss You Antarctica | first digital development 2020 | micro-commission Arts Centre Melbourne

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