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The Flood China.jpg

The Flood. The sheep farm is now dilapidated. The farm house, dark and squalid, still sits by the river. A tiny rundown living room is lit by broken lampshades, throwing an uncertain light onto piles and piles of magazines, a life in wreckage, a mad old lady, and her isolated hard-drinking daughter. As the sun sets, the flood waters rise. The memories are seeping through the floorboards. The screen door bangs open in the soughing wind and rain, and Catherine returns home from London. Three women are now trapped in the house – a mother and her two estranged daughters; one who takes care of her, one who has been away for twenty years.

Set against a vast dark painting of an Australian moonlit landscape – seen dimly through a veil of flywire – The Flood is an Australian Gothic, full of hidden secrets, looming unnamed threats, a heightened landscape both haunting and hostile, and the terrible undertow that the monsters are inside, not outside.


27 -30 September

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